Xiaoran Sun (孙潇然), Ph.D.

Xiaoran Sun (孙潇然)

Welcome to my website! I am a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University, affiliated with the Department of Pediatrics and Department of Communication. My current work is mainly involved with The Screenomics Lab and the Solutions Science Lab.
I obtained my PhD degree in Human Development and Family Studies from the Pennsylvania State University in August 2019, with a graduate minor in Social Data Analytics.

My research involves:
(1) Computational social science, with a focus on utilizing large-scale and big data and machine learning methods to inform developmental and family research;
(2) Family dynamics and adolescents’ and young adults’ positive development (especially educational achievement and career development); for my postdoctoral work, I have a specific focus on the role of digital technology in family dynamics and its its implications for adolescent and young adult well-being;
(3) Methodological approaches to analyzing dyadic family relationships, including parent-youth, sibling, and inter-parental relationships.

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Xiaoran Sun
Email: xbs5014@stanford.edu